Let your guests watch as your portrait comes to life on your special day....

I paint a picture of your event live as it happens, at the venue. Your guests can watch me work, and you can take the painting away at the end. I can paint a beautiful wedding painting over several hours, or a fast and high-impact piece for a corporate event.



How does it work?

Before your event, we chat about the painting so that I know what you want me to include. Then on the day, I paint a scene of your choice, live on the spot. I arrive a few hours before the guests, set up my easel and begin drawing out the view. By the time guests arrive, I am painting the venue and adding the decorations. I continue to paint as the event unfolds, adding the VIPs and surrounding activity as I observe it and using a few photos to help me paint details. Guests can watch and speak to me as I work, and the painting will be done for you to take away at the end.

How long does it take?

As a guide, most of my paintings were completed in 5-8 hours at the event. Shorter events are not a problem though, and your live painting is planned around your schedule, so get in touch to discuss how I would paint for you within the time available.

Will it look like me?

You will be able to recognise yourselves and your guests from the painted likenesses. The figures are small and not intended to be detailed portraits, but they will look like you!

How many guests can you include?

My aim is to create the best possible artwork on your day, which captures the atmosphere of your event. During your consultation before the event, we will  discuss how best to communicate the vibe of your event in the way that you want, and what are the important elements to include. Generally, for paintings completed at this size and on the day, I include 5-10 guests. When we discuss your painting we will look at your preferences and what I will be able to include on the day. My view is that guests are part of the background, and I do not want them to distract from the focus of a painting - the bride and groom - by being too prominent or detailed.

Do you travel outside London to paint?

Yes, but travelling further will cost a bit more. Contact me for a quote, with your venue location and date.

How far in advance do I need to book?

If you want to be sure to book me, please enquire a year to 18 months before your event date.

How do your prepare for a painting?

I always liaise with the venue ahead of events to sort out practical arrangements for the day. I like to have the order of the day so that I know times and locations. A telephone consultation, or even a few phone calls as the day approaches, is the best way to make sure I know what you want in the painting. I am also happy to discuss ideas by email if you prefer. I do not need to visit the venue in advance, it will look completely different on your day when it is decorated and you and your guests are there.

Do you paint from photos?

I regret that I am not currently able to create studio paintings from your photos, as I am booked up with live work for the next year.

What materials do you use?

All of my materials are artist quality, which ensures the best and most enduring outcome. I use Winsor and Newton, Daler Rowney and Liquitex paints on stretched cotton canvas as standard. Acrylic paint is the most suitable medium for speed painting at events, but if you want oil paint it is available for studio-completed works.

Does the painting have to be framed?

The painting is on stretched canvas and can be put on the wall as it is. It doesn't need to be behind glass. I do not provide a frame, but it is easy to have it framed if you want to, either by buying your own frame online and fitting it yourself, or by taking it to a special framing shop. If you are not experienced at framing I recommend that this is done professionally.

How do I book?

If you want to book, let me know and I will call your venue to introduce myself first as a courtesy. The deposit to hold the date is £100, and I ask you to complete a booking form with all the event details. I regret that I cannot hold dates provisionally without a booking form and deposit. The balance would be due 8 weeks before the event.

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