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Your day, recorded on canvas, as it unfolds

I paint a picture of your event live as it happens, at the venue. Your guests can watch me work, and you can take the painting away at the end.

I am one of the longest established live painters in the UK, and a leading international live artist, with 7 years of experience and hundreds of happy clients. My painting is not just a performance which is guaranteed to impress your guests, it is a precious family heirloom which will be treasured for generations to come. Every painting is a unique and serious artistic endeavour and I strive to better myself with every event that I attend.

Prices for live event painting in 2023 start at £1250 in the London area. Your painting will be priced according to the canvas size you choose, the number of individual portraits to be included, and the location of your venue. Please email me to request a full brochure with details of all the packages offered, you'll need to let me know the rough location even if you don't have a date.

All of my paintings are completed in acrylics, live on the day of the event at the venue, for you to take away at the end. I am not currently offering any studio commissions or studio-finished work, although I may be able to paint in oils if the venue and schedule for the day permit it. I paint up to 24x30" at events, but if you want a larger bespoke canvas let me know, as I quote on a case by case basis for anything larger than this.

I am London based but available to travel throughout the UK and internationally.  Please contact me for details.

Photo by Rob Clayton, at the Midland Hotel in Manchester

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